Monday, February 05, 2007

Bullet Dodged

In my RBOC the other day, I insinuated that I might be in a position to have to room with a student during the London trip this Spring. The situation was this: Students paid for the trip based on a double occupancy, and my room (and indeed my entire land package) was supposed to be a courtesy. The problem was that with an odd number (1) of male students, there had to be a single occupancy, and so there was going to be an extra charge not built into the budget.

Of course, this student didn't ask for a single, and he didn't have the option of a double, so it seems unfair to make him pay more than his classmates. On the other hand, I don't want to room with a student. I can hardly imagine a less comfortable situation. There's the possibility that there will be some wiggle room in the budget for this sort of thing, but that is supposed to be a hedge against the weak dollar.

So finally, the department offered to pony up the remainder if no other funding sources could be found. Disaster averted! My dignity saved! A bullet dodged!

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