Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Almost Almost Almost

I collected the small batch of portfolios yesterday, and hope to slap grades on them by the time the next large batch comes in tomorrow. In the meantime I've begun to map out the summer, which is suddenly looking much more daunting, with a collection manuscript to get together (including rewriting my contribution and co-authoring the intro), a book review to write, two new preps to read for and get together, an independent study to design (which may well be the template for a grad course in the future), and my monograph to get to.

It's this last thing that concerns me, because it's now been four years since I touched the thing, and other projects, small and large, have always intervened. But once this collection is out the door, the book is the last thing left, and the most important. I likely don't need it for tenure, but I want it done by then, just in case. But it's the book after all, and even though the dissertation was a reasonably good draft, the whole project still looks like Mount Everest.

My goal for the summer then, is to get to the monograph. That's plenty. In the meantime, I've got a stack of grading to do and a bit more service (see below). Not quite done yet...but almost.

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Sisyphus said...

Excitement! You can do it ---- small bites and keep pluggin' away at it and somehow it will gradually get done!

Of course, I keep saying that about my dissertation, and that's moving slower than snail snot.

Maybe we could trade? You write my last couple chapters from scratch, I revise your manuscript? ;)