Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No London Tour in 08

Sadly, last spring's very successful London Theatre class is not running this spring, since only 5 students signed up: too few to get the group travel rates to go and stay. It was an expensive trip this year, with a weak US Dollar and high airfares (or more accurately, high fuel surcharges compounded in top of moderately competitive airfares). And so I'll only be teaching 2 classes in the spring, and an extra class next fall.

The upside? A 2/2 course load this year, with this spring's two courses being the survey I've taught 7 times in three years and a grad course that directly overlaps with the book project. I'm distinctly looking forward to getting some serious momentum on the book project going into what will be a heavier load next year. I also get my Spring Break back, which should be useful.

The downside: those five students don't get to go, nor do I. And with two iterations of the trip canceled in the last three years, a concern about the long-term viability of the program. Oh, and the 3/3 I'll have to teach next year, as opposed to this year's de facto 2/2.

We'll be brainstorming options for next year, but in the meantime, I just had to send out a n email that will certainly disappoint the 5 students who were enrolled.


Sisyphus said...

That's too bad. I hope the program can be resuscitated!

I'm unclear on the course load --- did you have a release for this program? For all the time you've been here? Are you on a 3/3 or a 2/2? (I'm still trying to figure out all this crap.)

Horace said...

Ah, I'm on a 2/3. But since it's too late to schedule a new course for me in the Spring (barring a last minute need to cover a section of the comp class or something), I'll only have four total sections this year, requiring the need to make up a course next year in my obligation to the university. So de facto: 2/2 this year, 3/3 next.