Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back in the Swing

So now that the snow has melted, the holiday travels are over and our last guests are gone (sniff!), the new semester is suddenly upon us. Over break the department moved into a gorgeous, newly renovated historic building, and my old, windowless, 8x10 broom closet has been replaced by a bright, airy, 11x13 office with a view straight up the river to the hills beyond. I unpacked my stuff earlier this week, and have been busily designing syllabi, writing rec letters, and editing manuscripts yesterday and today in the new space.

After a vaguely disappointing fall semester, I'm getting quite excited about the Spring, in the new office, with the very friendly schedule, with the graduate course on the same topic as the book I'm committed to working on. Re-reading sources for the grad syllabus has been really invigorating, and I'm starting to think about the whole project in big picture ways that I haven't since it was a dissertation. I'm really excited about that prospect, and about the way that I hope these things could all intertwine this semester.

I'm also excited about getting back into gym, which I haven't seen enough of these last few weeks. While I have miraculously not put on any new weight, I think that's more out of muscle atrophy than some kind of restraint about eating. Pick-up soccer begins next week, and in the meantime, the elliptical and my iPod (crammed with new music from Christmas gifts) will keep me moving!

Anyway, I'm obviously feeling happier this week than last, and thanks for all the encouragement!

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Sisyphus said...

ooh, a new office? Want somebody to come over and design-on-a-dime it? I know how to paint.

And good that the snow has melted, eh?