Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hard Core

Rambunctious likes to dance. His favorite kind of dancing?

RrrrocknRollllll (Said just like that, preferably punctuated with some kind of superhero punch or kick).

So this morning, when he placed his request to do some rock-n-roll dancing in the living room (one deferred from the previous evening), we played a few tracks for him to choose from:

The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" (too boring)
Twisted Sister's "We're not Gonna Take it" (got an initial response, but then ultimately was nixed).
Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" (yawn)
Whitesnake's "Here I go Again" ("That's not Rock-n-Roll!" says Rambunctious. "That's Right!" says Daddy)

Finally, we found something that rocked sufficiently hard:

Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Coming."

He danced all the way through. To be fair, he also later found "Paint it Black" to be sufficiently rockin', but damn! to reject the Stones is just downright blasphemy.


Andi said...

Now this sight, it must have been one to see . . . might I also suggest that ACDC has some rockin' tunes . . . not my taste but I can imagine some childhood dancing would be appropriate

Horace said...

Funny you should say: AC/DC was on a couple of nights ago!

jj forshey said...

Hi, horace. Just found your blog googling the phrase "horace instruct and delight" looking for some context. I liked the top couple posts, so I bookmarked you.

My own little girl listens to Matchbox Twenty in the car with me. On the cover of one of their CDs, the band's headshots are lined up, faces covered by their hands. She has dubbed them "the mans who cover their faces," which seems to me to get the intended symbolism (and some essential element of their music as a whole) in a very direct way. She also asked me, halfway through Coldplay's "Politik," "why is that singing man so sad," so I have high hopes for her appreciation of the fine arts.

Looking forward to more posts.