Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I should not be posting

But instead of prepping for class, here I am.

There have been a truckload of things going on: my grandmother passed away in late July; my mother's health has been a whirlwind of uneasy, troubling questions; Willow's starting back into the classroom as a TA here; and some other unreportable events have meant that everything is up in the air, or the big stuff, at least, like where we'll live and what Willow will do for a career when her MFA is done.

Plus I'm teaching three preps, two of which are brand new, and one of which is seriously revised from the last time I taught it. So we've hardly had time to think.

But not all is lost: the classes I have are going well, especially the 15-student 300-level course on American Political Drama. And the writing proceeds apace, with two articles forthcomin in journals, and the edited collection very nearly finished (although to hear Dr. Crazy speak of it, this process with this press can liiiiinnnnggggggerrrrrr).

I'm trying to knock off one thing after another (annual report, new preps, article revisions, committee work, editing tasks) as they come up, without completely abnegating my responsibilities around the home (trash, dishes--sometimes-- laundry--sometimes--, cooking, playing with the kids , you know the routine.

Accordingly, things fall through the cracks: commenting on other people's blogs, even when I lurk relentlessly, reading closely for class, getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night, etc.

But you know this: you live it too. Maybe I'll post more these days, maybe not, maybe it doesn't really matter.


Sisyphus said...

I'm supposed to be working too, but am completely distracted... so here I am.

Glad to hear all the stuff is going well and I'm particularly interested in hearing all about this Political Drama class, esp. that play you listed a while back --- is it all reportage? What did the author do to change and arrange stuff? How do you teach something that is basically a transcript? Or put it on as a show?

Anywhoo, keep pluggin on away at things!

Anonymous said...
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