Monday, February 09, 2009

RBOC: Kill Me Now version

  • I had hoped to send off the revised intro and a sample chapter to the publisher a week ago. I'm about two good writing days away from that goal, but who knows now when I'll get those.
  • The house goes on the market tomorrow, which means that after a couple of weeks of painting, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and removing every convenient arrangement in the house for a more hidden version, our home now looks roughly as if its residents may be automatons. At least we still have our books.
  • The reason writing days will be unpredictably slim is that tomorrow I'm having surgery to reconstruct ligaments in my left elbow. I partially dislocated that elbow in a sprain injury last December, and while this is the fourth time this has happened, this one seems to have really done some damage, since my elbow keeps popping out of joint at inconvenient times, including while doing rehab exercises. So tomorrow, surgery! My ability to return to writing and blogging will depend almost entirely on how little Percocet I take.
  • Friday's faculty meeting is largely on assessment, for which I have mysteriously become department guru (primarily because I have many vocal but conflicting opinions on the matter). So it will be fun (and a test of my tenurability) to see how well I can run a segment of the faculty meeting on a contentious subject while sporting a Percocet high (did I mention that I am highly susceptible to the psychotropic effects of many classes of drugs?)
  • On top of all of it, Willow had the stomach flu this weekend, Rambunctious had a head cold, and I had the same head cold that blossomed into a full-blown sinus infection after painting all evening in a poorly ventilated room. Imperia was claiming illness just so she wouldn't feel left out.
  • The good news is, it's February, which means it isn't January anymore.


natalie said...

Holy cow! I hope everyone's feeling better and that the surgery and recovery are both quick and easy. Have fun facilitating the meeting - hope someone's got a video camera to commemorate that.

Sisyphus said...

:( keep your chin up! (or elbow, as the case may be)

Get well soon --- though the idea of Fear-and-Loathing-style Percocet visions in the middle of a faculty meeting makes me happy. I think you should start attacking bats in the middle of someone's boring speech, heh.