Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So the move to a new home completely thwarted a great deal of momentum that I was building up on my research. This should have been totally self-evident at the beginning of the process of selling, buying, moving, and settling in, but for whatever reason, my incurable optimism had me pairing those processes with a spate of writing projects, some of which got done, and some of which were left over for, well, now.

I only taught one course this spring, since I was on a pre-tenure course release (not a sabbatical at all). The course was the theatre tour which was unexpectedly involving in terms of time resources, and so along with the move, I really didn't have as much time, or more importantly, mental resources, to really dig into a lot of writing. I did get about 70 pages of the book manuscript into good shape, and I did a long talk for Nels' classes that will result in a publishable essay with a week's work or so, but hardly the goals I'd set for myself...indeed, hardly the deadlines that others had set for me.

So since the move two-plus weeks ago, I've had to re-emerge, find my bearings and get soem writing done before the Junebug arrives in about 3 weeks. So far, I've been able to manage my share of the last set of editorial tasks for the co-edited collection, which was mostly mindless, but important (acknowledgements, bibliography edits, pagination, bios, index edits, etc.). And now I am on to an article that was due, technically, March 31. I asked for an extension of a couple of weeks which was generously granted, but a couple of weeks has blossomed into seven. I am back at that particular grindstone, and have recently really gotten back down to work. Yesterday, i wrote about four new pages, and with a few days worth of work, hope to have a complete draft in hand--ideally by the end of the week. If that gets done (just a bit longer than Sisyphus's Magical Month of Academic Publishing), then I'll feel a little bit better about this process, and will dig into the book manuscript as much as possible before being the father of three intervenes, as it undoubtedly will.

In a sense, this very post is meant to be a warm up for writing the next section, and so I should close now, and devote the time and word count to writing about the politics of staging terrorism. Here's to new momentum...


Nels said...

I'm thrilled you want to turn that into an essay! Because I want you to do the heavy theoretical work so that I can then play with it and apply it to various texts.

Sisyphus said...

Yay, momentum! Go, go, go!

(you will obviously need to declare your own magical month of momentum and see if anyone plays along.)

Horace said...

Oh, yes, Nels, it will be an article. The only question is when. Our resident Disability Studies person has made some really great comments, and suggested s a few good venues. Whether it comes out before or after the book is finished is anyone's guess.