Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall Day on the Farm

We didn't get to go to anything like this last year, but this year we enjoyed "Kids day at the farm" at a local place...the set up was pretty sweet...they had clearly been doing a good business with this for years, since they had a pretty elaborate haunted house set up on one side of the lane, and a kids' playground on the other--there was a little hay maze, this climbing pile, a trampoline, a small petting zoo, a little tractor ride, and larger hayride (oddly, without any hay) and a pumpkin patch for each child to take one home.

We went with a friend and her two boys-- 2 1/2 and almost 1--as well as my old friend and his new flame (who is just darling). The kids had fun there and at home decorating their pumpkins. At the end of the morning trip, we had hoped to snag a picnic table and lunch there, but the picnic tables were all reserved, and we had to eat out of the back of the minivan, which worked well enough...another advantage of the minivan, I guess.

What struck me most as I snapped some of these shots was how gorgeous, how perfect this day it was not just autumn, but thoroughly autumnal, and how while I was trying to capture this on digital film, the kids were just living in it. In the shot to the left, Rambunctious probably isn't thinking, "Ah! This is what fall is supposed to be like." He's probably thinking, "I up HIGH!" You sure are, buddy.


dead sea princess said...

very nica

dead sea princess said...
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Lucy said...

I love the pumpkin photo :)