Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kids at Christmas

As a kid, I loved Christmas, a lot, and for all of the reasons that middle-class white Christian kids often are, from the warm fuzzies to the consumerist frenzies. But of course, through the stresses of family, the hypercritical approach to culture of this profession, years of MLA mania, and plain-ol' jadedness, Christmas had lost a lot of its sheen. Oh I still love me a fresh-cut tree, and some Nat King Cole in late December, but I've become a New Year's type more than a Christmas type, whatever that is.

But man, these kids...they remind you. Now three, Rambunctious and Imperia are really experiencing Christmas for the first time in many ways. The cookie making, the tree trimming, the wrapping paper, the extra sparkle and glitter of life when you're three and it's Christmas.

A story: while I got to sleep in the other morning, Willow and the kids wrapped some presents for under the tree (we're waaaaay ahead on preparations). Imperia, wearing her pajamas, laid down in the middle of the paper, and declared, "I will be a present. Wrap me!"

Another: Rambunctious is looking forward to making a gingerbread train with his 6-year old friend and personal savior, Johnny. He is looking forward to it, because when he is done he will take "a liiiitttle bite. Just a liiiiittttle bite." We believe him.

The advent calendars are up. The tree is decorated. Stockings are hung by the staircase (what can you do?) for most of the twelve people who will be here for some long stay over the holidays (Now all I need is a really good eggnog recipe). Many, many gifts are wrapped (though some are not yet purchased). It's only early December, but somehow, I'm more excited about Christmas than I have been in years.

Kids. hunh.


Anonymous said...

Hey--I have an eggnog recipe if you're interested. You've actually had it; I made it at one of your holiday parties back at the condo. Let me know if you want it.

Anonymous said...

growing up in Arizona meant that we had no fireplace (hey, it was a balmy 75 through most of December) and we developed a family tradition of someone slamming the front door while shouting "Ho, ho, ho!" on Christmas ---- how else to explain the presents arriving from Santa without a chimney for him to slide down?

And p.s. I like that Imperia's style. Can't wait for her to take over the world.

--- trystero49

academic coach said...

Oh yes, yes. Having kids brings back the magic, doesn't it?

My six year old is at the height of her excitement about Santa. My 9 year old twins have just discovered the pleasures of picking out and wrapping presents for others and my 11 year old will get to help her parents be Santa this Christmas eve and arrange the Claus presents for her three sisters.

In my house the magic extends to Hanukkah since, as my youngest puts it, "We're half n' half." She was jumping and jiggling this morning chanting "Two more days 'till Hanukkah and Latkes."
Tis the season to revel in the delights of parenthood.

And asking to be wrapped up? Toooo cute.