Friday, December 22, 2006

What's Going On

I posted last a week ago, and haven't posted since, because:
  • There are now seven adults and three toddlers in our house.
  • The bedroom for one of the adults was recently an empty room with very badly scuffed white paint on the walls.
  • The rest of the house is very big and needed to be cleaned for the impending arrival of all of these people.
  • Also groceries.
  • There was all of that grading to do that I bitched about in my last post.
  • There is the little matter of that search committee that had two phone interviews scheduled for today.
  • The two toddlers, Rambunctious and Imperia, were here the whole time, and take up some energy.
  • I'm prepping for that presentation at that conference.
  • I've got a book review done, which, while the book is read, and the outline is done, is outlined like this: para 1: Intro. para 2: book's intro. para 3: part one. para 4: part two. and so on.
  • And this is the one that's actually kind of serious: Willow was in a car accident today that did no permanent harm, but did break her arm in two places requiring surgery to put in titanium hardware, so while my day sucked because I was waiting in hospital rooms and talking on the phone to various people I had no desire to talk to, her day sucked a lot worse. And the accident wasn't even her fault. Did I mention the number of people in our house?
So I may not be posting much over the next few days or even weeks, because somehow, my break ended up busier than the very busy weeks at the end of the semester.


Tenured Radical said...

Dear Horace,

Sorry to hear all this -- hope things calm down and it starts to feel like more of a holiday soon.

Best & happy hols,

Dr. Radical

natalie said...

Oh, kids, it sounds like you've got a LOT on your hands. So sorry for Willow's accident and shiny new hardware. I'm sure she's keeping a good face on everything. Good luck and have fun.

Scrivener said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident, but glad that she's ok. Hope y'all had a merry Christmas anyway!

Anonymous said...

Good luck everybody and get well Willow! I hope the rest of your holiday is both more fun and more relaxing than it has been!

--- trystero

Jason said...

I just saw this - please tell Willow we're thinking about her. How horrible :(