Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just checking...

Wouldn't you think that in a course that covers two centuries of material, and the assignment contains the statement, "Choose 2 texts, at least one from the twentieth century" that the other text should probably also be from the class in question?

And if you wanted to choose a text not from the course (or even written within 200 years of the earliest text), wouldn't you likely clear it with the professor first?

'Cause I would. But not everyone does, I guess.


Sisyphus said...

Hahahahaha! (wipes a tear from eye) ...haaaaaa.

On the other hand, a paper that's way off from the assignment instantly sets off warning bells of plagiarism for me.

Horace said...

Well, these were both clearly drafts in process, and the texts they use less than common texts from the syllabus, and the assigned topics, so plagiarism on these seem fairly unlikely. No, these are just what they look like. Knuckleheaded.