Friday, April 13, 2007


I've heard tell that a major university today appointed a new president. Not the candidate endorsed by a 90% vote from the faculty senate. The one whose name is actually an anagram for "Scholar Migraine."

Also today one of the younger faculty members of that institution came home to realize that the weekend of his wife's birthday may in fact be consumed by tending one (and one hopes not two) three-year-old, who seems to have recently invented the term "sick-up."

It's just a story, though, about Friday the 13th. Cruellest month and all.

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StyleyGeek said...

I saw your publishing advice post on bloglines, but it doesn't seem to be appearing here.

I wanted to comment that I had a few friends who worked for that publisher when I was studying in Frankfurt, and they never had anything negative to say. And it publishes plenty of well-respected books in my field.