Friday, August 03, 2007

Blogoversary, sort of

Although this blog is less than a year old, this is the fourth anniversary of my blogging life, the first 3+ years spent at another, now defunct space.

When I started blogging:
  1. I had not defended my dissertation.
  2. I was not a parent, though Willow and I were spending a lot of time thinking about doulas.
  3. I lived in the same apartment we'd been occupying for four years.
  4. I was 15 pounds heavier.
  5. I had one major publication.
  6. I barely knew what blogging was, let alone what the academic blogosphere looked like.
  7. I had never taught full-time before.
  8. I was still on Book 5 of HP.
  9. I had never visited Seattle.
  10. Most of my closest friends lived within 30 minutes drive.
  11. The best affordable local meal was not produced by a chain.
  12. There was hope for a one-term Bush presidency.
  13. My sister had just returned from very near Iraq.
  14. There was no such thing as Project Runway.
Oh, I could go on. Point is, a lot's changed in four years. I've blogged a lot of it. Thanks for reading.


Scrivener said...

Ah, simpler times...

Happy blogiversary!

jo(e) said...

Four years -- wow.

Happy blogiversary!

Lucy said...

Happy blogiversary! :)

Flavia said...

What an old-timer you are! Congrats on your blogiversary, and thanks for always being such a great, thoughtful read.