Friday, September 14, 2007

Kickoff at 2pm

Season kick-offs are in the air. The college football season kicked off just over two weeks ago, and the NFL Kickoff Special was last weekend. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glued to the TV as much as a parent of twin almost-4-year-olds can be.

Other seasons, especially at the collegiate level are kicking off (although the term only translates directly to soccer) as well. That excitement, though less palpable on the campuses of bigger schools, is still part of the atmosphere that charges the first weeks of class.

And now, a sport of our own: the most optimistic day of the year for the English PhD, the day (like day one of the NFL season) when anyone can believe that this'll be the year they win the Big One. The day when possibility reigns supreme and pessimism has no evidence, only its legacy, to build on.

Job hunters take your marks (I'm now mixing sports metaphors), the JIL goes live at 2.

ETA: Coming around the first corner's moving very slowly. Incidentally, I'm not on the job market...I'm trying to see if my search committee's job ad is up and spiffy looking...

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