Monday, October 08, 2007

Linens in October

One advantage of being a clothes-horse:

On those days, in October, when it's supposed to be a crisp 65, but instead, it's 90, and your windowless office which hasn't had air-conditioning in 2 weeks, it's nice to be able to choose between the tweed jacket an wool scarf on the one hand, and a light linen shirt and linen pants. Because today, even jeans and a button-down would be oppressive.

(Soon, though. Soon. Actual fall weather: something to console me as I wade through huge unending piles of work...London Theatre Tour prep, grading out the wazzoo, prepping a new grad course for the fall, two major committees, a collection project to edit and an introduction to write, three novels that I haven't read closely recently to teach, a house to clean, recommendations to write, book orders to place, and miles to go before...oh, you know. Your head is probably exploding too.)


Sisyphus said...

I hear ya, I hear ya.

(And don't you do the London thing over the summer? Do you have to prep academic stuff like this that far in advance? Yikes! What am I getting myself into?)

Horace said...

Nah, the London tour is actually a drama class, the sort of page-to-stage / writing about theater course that gets taught a lot of places, but then we enrich it with this spring break trip. It's a good format, I think.

So anyway, recruitment for students to take the class has to begin early, because airfares need to be booked and registration forms need to be signed, etc.

So no, that's not insanely early, sadly. Even though it's just October and I'm planning Spring Break...