Friday, June 13, 2008

The Checklist

It occurred to me that I hadn't done a post on my summer writing/ research projects, something I tend to do every summer, if for no other reason than to remind myself when I'm being over-ambitious in my expectations. But since I sent off a complete draft of the collection intro to my co-editor today, and also got back and acceptance-with-revisions on another article (the one that discusses this play--Yay!), now seems like an opportune time to both make the list, and check off items that are done. Items in italics mean that I have at least gotten it off my desk for this round of collaborative work, so while there's more work to do, it's not an active action item.

A. The Collection
  1. Co-author the introduction (Completed full draft 6/13)
  2. Co-author chapter 1 (draft sent off 6/4)
  3. Finish revising my own essay (done pending copyedits)
  4. Edit essays for my contributors (2 done, 2 awaiting final drafts 6/30, 1 awaiting complete draft)
B. Stand-alone Articles

  1. Complete revisions for parody article.
  2. Complete revisions for Equus article
  3. Finish draft of March's plenary talk, revise and submit
  4. Work on, if not finish draft of paper idea from Narrative conference
C. The Long-Overdue Book Project (as if!)
  1. Organize material written since dissertation into new chapter framework
  2. Finish revising Introduction
  3. Clean up first two chapters (which need mostly updating and sharpening of the main argument)
  4. Draft Proposal
Here's the thing: Since A1 through B2 are all due by September 1, I think that's a realistic goal to set. I do think that B3 is attainable, and if I'm honest with myself, B4 should be tabled in favor of all of the C tasks. But wait! Let's not forget...

D. Teaching/ Service
  1. Finish commenting on Spring's grad projects
  2. File Spring's course records (easy procrastination job)
  3. Develop Syllabus for Honors intro drama class
  4. Develop Syllabus for Postmodern Lit class
  5. Develop Syllabus for Writing Intensive American Drama class
  6. Develop grad student independent study in conjunction with American Drama class
  7. Shepherd undergraduate mentee through beginning stages of his big project
  8. Read up on all those texts from 3, 4, 5 that I haven't read in ages
  9. Get a jump on Spring 09 London Tour materials
  10. Start organizing the committee that's doing the legwork on the revised undergrad major.
All of which I'm pushing back until we return from vacation on July 27. In fact, looking at this list now makes me feel like there is some substantive stuff that I'm doing and have done, but the diffuse nature of that damn collection has made it harder to grasp onto. Though now that I've gotten 2 articles accepted this summer, I think I'll cut myself a little break. And since Willow is making me a belated birthday dinner this evening (as we speak!) I think I'll start cutting myself that break tonight!


Sisyphus said...

Yay and happy belated birthday dinner!

I need to make me up a summer checklist like this too. And I want to hear more about some of the stuff under D --- will get back to you as soon as I'm not alternating grading and partying!

Andi said...

That word "break" is operative here for if you don't intentionally break, you will unintentionally. Breathe and enjoy that summer.