Saturday, June 07, 2008

RBOC: Whiney edition

  • Willow and Imperia are both out of town for several days and I miss them.
  • When I woke up this morning, the head cold, which had previously just been an allergy attack, had become a full-on chest cold.
  • Rambunctious and I had a full morning of fun stuff planned, but the farmer's market had virtually none of the great fruits and veggies they were advertising (strawberries, rhubarb, English peas), and the coffee shop we wanted to stop at for a mocha and a muffin (for me and for Rambunctious, respectively) had lost its A/C.
  • It was 97 degrees today.
  • Rambunctious didn't nap, even though I really needed to, and therefore needed him to.
  • When I checked my email this afternoon, I had a truckload of returned mail receipts for spam that I clearly hadn't sent, but the dept. IT administrator is off payroll until 7/1, so I'll have to wait until Monday morning to call it in.
  • I got a sitter for tonight for a soccer game, and ideally maybe drinks afterwards, but I couldn't for the life of me find anyone who wanted to hang out this evening.
  • Fifteen minutes into said soccer game, with nothing between me and the goalie but the ball, and I stepped in a divot and pulled my hamstring.
  • It's my birthday.
  • Blah.

OK. Had to get that out of my system.


natalie said...

Clearly, you should have stayed here a few more days! Hope the end of your birthday is better than some of the moments you've had today!

undine said...

The best thing, and you put it almost at the last: Happy Birthday!

Lucy said...

Happy birthday! I'm sorry it wasn't a great day.

Sisyphus said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Is your leg ok?

I had champagne and sangria tonight --- you can pretend I raised it as a toast for you, ok? Not quite the same thing, but, you know.

Dr. Crazy said...

1) I had that "Oh, it's just allergies" but then "Oops! It's a horrible chest cold!" in May. My friend A. from home had it 2 weeks ago. In other words, I feel as if this is a particular malady that's going around. And dude, it sucks. Get as much sleep as possible (which is totally impossible with Rambunctious on the loose :) )

2)Happy birthday! (I totally feel like each birthday gets lamer and lamer as the years go by. As I shall be turning your age in August, I'm hoping that I don't somehow end up in 97-degree-heat without air conditioning, with a cold, without plans, and the parent of a toddler - which as you know would be a total shock given my current status:) - in time for my birthday:) ) Maybe things will look up when you hit the half-decade next year? I feel that they should :)

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday! Sorry the rest of the weekend is such a drag.

We're actually on the verge of canceling soccer practice, I think, because it's so hot . . . stupid June.

Horace said...

Thanks everyone. I'm not feeling so whiny anymore, and the day actually wasn't a total wash. The leg is sore, but fine. And rambunctious, while not napping again today (he is almost 5, after all), has been a darling.

Now if I could just stop coughing!

Back to regular blogging soon.

Jason said...

Don't you like how I called you to chat but then forgot to say "happy birthday"? That's what makes me a good friend.

Happy birthday. Next time, just come to town, eh?