Monday, June 01, 2009

New Concepts in College-Town Dining

The fine dining options, or paucity of them, are a much discussed topic among the self-professed cosmopolitans of our faculty. "No Thai?! How shall I ever survive without good tom ka?" "No, french dressing does not count as French cuisine..."

You get the idea.

That, plus Willow and I often fantasize about that least wise of alternate careers: restaurateur.

When we moved, our dream restaurant would be called Aspergrass, which for whatever reason found etymological roots from each of our childhoods. It was a healthy, veg-heavy, California cuisine concept with a bit of a Southern inflection.

When we realized there was no good Mexican/ Salvadoran/ Southwestern food in town, our concept was Mission: Sparse white adobe walls, stark mission style furniture, chestnut pumpkin soup with cayenne and nutmeg.

Well, the other day, we were walking downtown with the kids, and we noticed an old stalwart shop along Main Street had closed down: City Pharmacy. "That" I said, "would be a great name for a gastro-pub, and a great location too."

This got Rambunctious and Imperia thinking about their restaurant concepts. Imperia's was Purple Blankie Restaurant, where everything would be purple, and Red Hat Societies would drive from miles away to hold tea parties over grape cake. With the amount of detail she provided, we could tell she'd been percolating this idea for a good long time.

"OH!" Rambunctious bellowed (bellowing is the default volume right now). Mine would be "Stop! You're gonna Kill me!"

I'm not sure if he's a visionary animal-rights, vegetarian, gastro-activist, or destined for some other career. Given his enthusiasm for bacon, I'm going with the latter.


Sisyphus said...

Mmm, chestnuts and pumpkin? Hmm! I've had pumpkin soup with roasted sunflower seeds, but not chestnuts.

Your restaurant plan sounds fabulous, just remember to throw in some deep chile-red rugs here and there and the occasional turquoise-colored wooden accent --- can you believe that there are no mission/minimalist style restaurants in my place? It's all California fusion! Sad, sad.

pocha23 said...

I've always thought the phrase gastro-pub to sound wrong. I don't know about you, but although "gastro" refers to digestive systems, it's not something I want to think about when I'm in the act of eating. Now, Purple Blankie Restaurant. That is definitely inviting.

My word verification could also work, Reservations at "Pienchal" anyone?