Sunday, June 07, 2009

RBOC: T-Minus Four Days

To say there's a lot going on right now is both an understatement and an overstatement, for as much as school just ended, the attic renovations are not done, my birthday happened today, and the baby is coming in four days, if not before, this has kind of been a lazy late-spring weekend. I am forgiving myself for being scattered on the one hand, but on the other hand, there's not a lot of urgency to anything going on right now.

  • The article I was working on got revised nicely and got a bery nice response from the editor, who says that although a bit more summary of two of the plays might be nice, ultimately, she is not asking for any revisions until after the book's reader make their report. Yay!
  • I got a talk accepted at ASTR, the big theatre research conference I've decided is the best one for me. It's in Puerto Rico in November: hard to complain about that. So my two conferences this year are ASTR and MLA, which makes me feel good about how my work is being received, or at least good about my abstract writing abilities...
  • The renovations to the attic are behind by a bit, but they look great. It's a funny little rabbit warren of a space, but the kids are going to love being up there. The current plan is to paint both rooms light blue, then paint some clouds on the sloping part of the walls, and letting the kids decide what they want in their own skies: superheroes? butterflies? airplanes? fairies? sun, moon and stars? They'll get to decide. We're just hoping that the contractors are out by the time the baby actually gets home!
  • And yup. The baby is coming. The twins were C-section and Willow had a perfectly fine experience with the planned C-section, and given how skittish the doctors here have been about VBAC, and the fact that Willow isn't interesting in pushing for one, we've been saying C-section all along. So if Junebug isn't here by June 11, he's coming that morning. I'll announce his arrival here, though those whom I've met IRL and would like the actual announcement with name should gmail me: delightandinstruct. I'll put you on the list.
  • I have weird misgivings about having Junebug's birthday so close to mine. Not that I'm worried about my birthday getting buried, but rather that his will get overshadowed from time to time. As it is, the twins have birthday sharing issues (very different personalities make celebration styles a bit of a negotiation). So I'm hoping that my 40th, for example, doesn't put a blot on his 5th, and so on.
  • Speaking of my birthday, Willow took me out with some friends for dinner last night, and then let me sleep in this morning while she and the twins made breakfast: strawberry shortcakes with chevre replacing the whipped cream. Yuuhummm! Also, I got like a thousand happy returns via facebook of all places. That, honestly, was one of the nicest surprises ever.
  • In completely unrelated news, the new house now has a small enough yard (about 400 sq ft.) that I've begun to find enough energy to garden a bit in a few beds along the house and fence. I've put in some random flowers (delphinium, morning glory, butterfly bushes), herbs (rosemary, basil, oregano, sage, dill, thyme) and some veggies (cukes, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes--cherry and a heritage breed I can't remember). I'm trying to get the twins involved enough that they enjoy it, but not so mauch that they're turned off of it until they're in their thirties and have to rediscover it after years of weeding trauma...Anyway, little flowers and herbs are popping up all over, and finally, the idea of weeding doesn't seem like just a total drag.
  • OK, so my ENFP tendencies have me all over the place tonight, and I should just go sit on the couch with my very pregnant spouse, and see if I can rub her feet, or back or something. If I don't blog for a few days, you can guess why.


Jenny said...

Well, no meal for us this year because my butt got rejected from ASTR. Sigh. The rejections continue to mount. Best wishes for a safe and easy delivery and I very much look forward to baby pictures. :)

pocha said...

Congratulations on the article! I am in the midst of revising my own -- so not happy with the tasks ahead. Also, I am totally stealing your idea about letting the kids choose what goes on their walls. SO cool. Those are the sorts of things, I think, we remember well into adulthood. I, for one, would've loved to have been able to paint a huge unicorn in my girlhood bedroom. And, yes, Happy Birthday!

Sisyphus said...

Hooray for getting the article done! And happy birthday, and a big hello and welcome to Junebug!

Brandy said...
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