Monday, October 05, 2009

Why I love October

October is, far and away, my favorite month. April is a distant second, followed by May and then June (especially a temperate one). September not so much, and November is just too cold. Here then, are ten reasons why I love October:

  1. The weather: today it was 65 and sunny. Earlier this week it was 55 and rainy. by the end of the month, we might even have a daily high in the 40s. Who cares? It's temperate, and bit brisk, even, but it's rarely really cold here in October. Perfect day for walking to campus or driving with one window down.
  2. Teaching in October: While it may be the fat part of the semester, when the blush has worn off, and the hustle hasn't yet begun, I find that this is the time when a class really begins to define itself, and some of the best individual lessons happen. Classes are more relaxed, and discussions can be a bit more wide-ranging.
  3. The pumpkin patch, complete with hayride and the maize maze (although I will lament that hayrides apparently no longer feature actual hay. bummer). That makes for a damn good Saturday, with kids or without.
  4. The leaves turn. Here the have just started changing color in earnest, and will peak in about three weeks. We have three beautiful seasons and then winter here. Of the three beautiful ones, fall is the most extraordinary. I've been told that some places in this state technically could be called deciduous rain forests, which doesn't surprise me. And as we know, wet conditions mean more color. It's been a wet spring and summer here, so I'm looking forward to extraordinary foliage.
  5. Pumpkin-spice whatever. Latte, beer, bread, pie, toast, chocolate, meat, water, milk, cardboard. You name it, pumpkin pie spices makes it better. But only in October.
  6. Clothing: The leather jacket comes out, as does my extensive collection of sweaters (many of them in lovely argyle). In the autumn, people start dressing like grown-ups again, and so I can stop pretending I am a teenager in cargo shorts and ill-fitting t-shirts. This is a self-serving thing to love, since my love of nice clothing earns me funny looks in the summer, and no looks at all underneath the bundling of the winter. But the autumn is the time to bring out the best outfits. In fact, I'm feeling a velvet blazer day coming on.
  7. Brunch. I don't know why, but brunches are best in the fall. Since we've moved to the new neighborhood, we've developed a friendship with two other families of new faculty members, both of whom just moved in around the corner within a month of us. We've started having brunch every weekend, and there's really nothing like a brisk morning of strong coffee, bacon, fritatas, and mimosas, with Thistle-and-Shamrock on NPR, or African Jazz on the CD player, or whatever, and sunlight pouring through the windows. And then that full, drowsy, I want-to-get-inside-and-take-a-nap feeling afterwards. Good many times of the year, best in October.
  8. Football: College, Professional, or backyard touch. I love a good football game, despite myself.
  9. The twins' birthday on October 30. I am looking forward to when they're in middle school and high school (really one of the only reasons I am actively looking forward to them being in middle school), and the Claycomb birthday/Halloween party becomes an annual event.
  10. Did I mention Halloween? Since the kids were born, I haven't been able to do much myself, but any holiday involving elaborate and/or creative costuming is going to be a favorite. Some of my past best costumes: The Universe, Route 66, and an illuminated manuscript.


Sisyphus said...

Ahhh, this all sounds lovely (wait, pumpkin spice beer? really? hmm). I'm glad to hear that you have some lovely brunch groups going on.

As someone whose birthday is the day after All Soul's Day (and sometimes on election day), I gotta say I did not appreciate having to make my celebrations do double duty. I always envied my brother for his midsummer birthday, almost exactly equidistant from Christmas.

And my mind boggles at you going as The Universe or Route 66 ... pictures? Evidence? Also, how are you going to top that?

Horace said...

Well, Sis,since the twins' birthday celebrations have tended to swallow the entire second half of the month, they haven't complained about double duty. In fact at the moment, I think that they believe that Halloween is part of their birthday.

As for the costumes: the universe wasn't all that difficult: glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars arranged in constellations on black clothing. Route 66, however, involved a belt buckle, reflective tape, and an elaborate contraption involving matchbox cars tied in a row to dental floss. Hard to explain, but a fun one, to be sure.

Tom said...

"Fat part of the semester . . . and the hustle hasn't yet begun"? Oh, Horace, to live in that world!

P said...

Your Fall brunch sounds divine. Sadly, by the mid- to late-October we don't get much sun pouring through the windows, but that part about brisk Sunday mornings with strong coffee, bacon and NPR? Golden. It's what I live for when the leaves turn!

Thank you :-)