Thursday, October 29, 2009

RBOC: In which a single post is a microcosm of the whole blog

  • The trope of regret, in which I apologize for not having blogged.
  • The trope of political advocacy ex-post facto, in which I am happy that hate crime legislation is finally law
  • The theme of crazy teaching juxtapositions, in which I teach "The Waste Land" and The America Play back-to-back on the same day, not long after I did the same thing with Waiting for Godot and Heart of Darkness.
  • The trend of pondering ethical teaching questions, such as "when does one draw the line between sob story and actual tragedy, between reason and excuse?"
  • The recurring plotline of uncomfortable family moments, in which my mother has an accidental overdose resulting in hallucinations in front of the children, and also in which my father and I negotiate tacitly and ickily about patriarchal responsibility.
  • The typically unusual catblogging about the-kidney-failure-that-is-now-just-fleas.
  • The odd publication news about the collection that Amazon said was due to be released yesterday, but is still only available for pre-order.
  • The familiar adoration of chocolate that would likely show up as a product endorsement for this overpriced, but somehow still worth it merchant.
  • The ethical rumination on masculinity, football, fanhood, concussions, and a month-old post-and-discussion at Tenured Radical.
  • A bit of subtle gloating about getting ready to go to ASTR in two weeks, held this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Which is warmer than it is here.
  • A great deal of doting on a beautiful baby boy who is having trouble gaining weight (like both his siblings, and apparently, once, his father), but is still hitting all of his developmental marks.
  • Some thoughtful response to a book I have recently read for pleasure, such as my positive-but-still-ambivalent thoughts on Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
  • Some fanboyish anticipation of a forthcoming album, like perhaps Hem's musical setting of Twelfth Night as featured in this summer's Shakespeare in the Park.
  • A minor rant about academic politics, probably concerning Outcomes Assessment and a fair amount of work I did last year that was not really even acknowledged when the discussion was taken up again this year.
  • Some rhapsody on nature, such as the beautiful leaves this season that keep making me not want to go to class, and instead take walks around town with the baby boy in the black fleece slig that sometimes lulls him to sleep.
That's what I would post, if I had time to post.


LenapeGirl said...

Ah, brevity.

Jenny said...

I'd be all bitter about not going to ASTR if I weren't going on a campus visit/job interview for a tenure track position in a few weeks instead. Wait, I'm still a little bitter. :) Have a good time and if you need a list of people who are fun to drink with, let me know. :)

Horace said...

Woo hoo, Jenny! Perhaps next year you can actually come with travel funding!

Email me to let me know where so I can contact them separately, if I know anyone there.

Sisyphus said...

THey ignored your outcomes assessment work? Booo on them! Bastards!

Earnest English said...

Horace, they may have ignored your outcomes assessment work, but we're not! I'm on the assessment committee in my department, and I wish some of this stuff were easily transferable so you could send it to me. There's got to be a better model than what we have currently. Gotta be. Gotta. Be.

Horace said...

E.E. Email me at delightandinstruct [at] gmail, and I can send you some stuff that may still be useful...