Monday, April 19, 2010

Work update, week 1

So a lot has happened this week that has nothing to do with my writing: Willow had a birthday, defended her MFA thesis, and is at this moment interviewing for a job (while I watch the kids, who are playing happily in the background, so imagine the deafening burble of twins kindergartners and a baby who adores them). Also, I collected proposals from my grad students, who have really pulled it together this semester, and a batch of papers from the survey section.

BUT! in the last week I did do an intermediate revision on the Narrative paper, so at least i can say I left it good shape as I move back to the book. I sent a copy of that off to my advisor, who is most interested in this particular aspect of my work.

As for the remaining revisions to chapter 1.1, not so much. But the document is up on the desktop, and whenever I turn to writing (and reading, which includes both Butler and Foucault for this stage), this is the project. I'm hoping to finish a draft by Friday.


Flavia said...

That's really great, Horace. Congrats especially to Willow.

Sisyphus said...

You're busy busy there! Good luck!

I don't do narrative theory as a focus so much, but one of my former profs had an intro book that I really liked and was really teachable, though on the undergrad rather than grad level. Unfortunately, I think it went out of print, which makes it tough to assign. Ah well.

And yay for the deafening burble of children!