Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mostly, the semester is done. So I can finally breathe easy.

I've got comments on grad papers, and a few lingering undergrad assignments, to write.
I've got two incompletes to expect work from.
I've got a dissertation draft to read.
I've got a summer session I course that begins in 6 days.
I've got a book project whose first deadline I just blithely blew off.
I've got a tenure file to begin assembling.
I've got an invitation to contribute an article to a very good journal outside of my field that I really should NOT agree to.
I've got a backlog of email.
I've got a nagging feeling that a shoe is going to drop.
I've got this sense that optimism will have to stop sufficing for actual labor, and that things like my herb garden and my Netflix account and sometimes even the kids' soccer practice are going to have to wait while I do these things, these things that I've said I'd do, that I need to do.
I've got to go.


heu mihi said...

Please tell me that some of this work is done by now?

Horace said...

Successfully prepped the grad course (about which I am quite excited), declined the invitation to submit to the special issue of CCC online (gah!), and read half the dissertation. Bird-by-Bird, I guess.