Monday, May 24, 2010


If I had time for a full post right now, I'd write one on pruning--on trimming back what seems like fertile growth, but which stretches the root structure past capacity. I pruned some oregano and sage back (also, I wanted the herbs), and thinned out some dill this evening (while the twins finished their dinner), and thought, "boy, do I need to do this with my life."

Because I suspect if I pruned back the extra teaching, the extra trips to soccer practice, the friendly morning meetings over coffee, I wonder if a writing plant would flourish?

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Earnest English said...

Ah but then would your life be more like those carefully planned flower beds with lots of space between, the sun getting the soil hot? I prefer the wilder flower beds of lush growth, plants teeming into one another and providing shade for whatever soil lies underneath.

Of course, I just like wild English gardens. Is that why my life is so uncontrollable? Maybe this metaphor doesn't work. =p