Monday, June 25, 2007

On a Roll

For much of the past two months, I've felt like I was behind--the major article revision took too long to get started and too long to finish, and so I've been playing catch-up throughout June. But in the past week, I've gotten on a roll.

On the 15th I finished the draft of the article, and got it to three good readers, two of whom have already given me great feedback, the kind that actually makes me confident about the article and want to get back to it already. In the meantime, my co-editor got started on a good draft of a section of our introduction, and I turned around revisions and my contribution late last week. Yesterday, I completely overhauled the proposal for the collection, which now feels very close to being submittable, and today, I read closely the crucial parts of the book I'm reviewing and drafted a review that I'm very happy with. Once I leave for the conference on Wednesday, I'll be more or less away from my desk for serious writing purposes for almost three weeks, so i'm really glad that I got this last burst of productivity.

In other "on a roll" news, my diet and exercise plan has slimmed me down by 12 pounds since May 1, and last evening, I came to the exciting and scary conclusion that some of my professional wardrobe (particularly suits) are now too big--not WAY too big such that I can't wear them, but many no longer look as well-fitting as they used to. Perhaps someday I will reward myself with a new suit. Perhaps tomorrow.


Sisyphus said...

Congrats on all the good news!

And you know I'm eagerly awaiting any suit-shopping updates!

undine said...

Horace, can I borrow your writing energy, if you're finished with it? Seriously, that's all good news.