Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Required Reading: To Go or Not To Go

Among the most crucial decisions (or at least, the first of many) surrounding graduate school is the decision to even start. Here are the thoughts of several academic bloggers considering the decision from many points, as potential student, recent student, and advisor.

Howzerdo at Gully Brook Press talks about the decision as it's being made.

Though she writes largely about the experience of professional music, Terminal Degree's perspective at Metamorphosis Complete, applies broadly.

Dr. Crazy, currently at Reassigned Time and formerly at The Chronicles of Dr. Crazy, considers, considers and reconsiders her experience, and her take on the advice to go to grad school.

Finally, Bardiac offers a useful list of things to know and consider, items which are useful for surviving graduate school as well as making this initial decision.

Updated 2008: Undine offers these considerations.


Anonymous said...

This is a terrific compendium - where were you ten years ago? :) On this specific subject (To Go or Not To Go), may I also suggest Timothy Burke's smart, sobering essay on the subject.

Horace said...

Thanks, Rob, for the link. Ten years ago, incidentally, I was finishing my first year of the MA and making precisely the same decision (to stay, obviously) that Burke identifies as the last likely moment to decide rationally about graduate school. While I'm happy that I made the choices I did, I recognize so many other friends in the advice Burke offers. Thanks again.