Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Extra! Extra! Recent light blogging gives way to future light blogging!

I'm too busy for even this post, but I want to blog about so many things:

  • The amazing class I had before thanksgiving break on Sarah Kane's brutal play, Blasted
  • The batch of papers in my drama class, which are fun, funky, and funny, not always intentionally
  • Some stuff about conferences and being depressed about career trajectories
  • A promised post about how different publication venues are valued differently
  • Some posts on being on a job search committee, including the timing problem and the problem of a humane rejection letter
  • How I'm working hard not to gain back weight, but not hard enough
  • College football mania
  • All I want for Christmas.
Perhaps you can write these posts for me, email me these posts, and I will post them as my own! Buwahahahaha!

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