Saturday, November 03, 2007

RBOC: November is here already edition

  • Attrition in my two classes is terrible, around 30% in each of them. Ugh. That said, the students that remain in each class have become nice core groups to teach. At least there's that.
  • The search committee I'm on now has over 90 applications, all with writing samples. It's gonna be a long month.
  • While my weight loss has evened out (I've been right around 170 for 2 months now), I'm still needing smaller clothes. Most of my dress clothes (including 3 cashmere blazers) look like they belong to someone else. But the new sweater I bought yesterday? a medium. I haven't worn a medium convincingly since my early 20s.
  • Also, while it's a bit too early to report anything official, I can insinuate that good news looks to be coming down the road on the edited collection. And I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with fontract.

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George Darroch said...

If your weight has evened out, but your clothes are still going down sizes, you're probably still losing fat, while gaining muscle and healthy tissue, which are heavier than fat. Which is why weight is a bad proxy for health, as any nutritionist, but few 'diet' marketers, will tell you.