Sunday, January 15, 2012


Some readers will remember that 3 years ago, I went on a serious campaign to lose weight, and in the space of a summer, I lost 25 pounds (193 lbs down to 168). A few minor injuries and another child later, and I settled into a comfortable, though not ideal weight of around 180. Well, a long semester and just plain inertia set in in the fall, and I've found myself back up to 190. More importantly, my favorite clothes don't fit well, my strength level is down, and I feel sluggish--though admittedly, I do think of myself as stunningly handsome at any weight ;-)

Eh. But seriously. With the opportunity of a sabbatical to reestablish some better exercise and eating habits, I'm looking to get back down into the 170s sometime this year (a pretty modest goal, all things considered). And having seen the excellent success of M. Smith Lindemann I am inspired to take up the charge. The regime? Eat less, and more mindfully, and exercise in ways I enjoy: playing squash, coaching Rambunctious's soccer team, light weight-lifting, modest-but-regular cardio at the gym and at home.

We'll see how it goes, but I'd say it's at least as important as the writing goals.


Sisyphus said...

But of course you are stunningly handsome no matter what! ;)

And did I miss out on the velvet blazer(s) this time around? I can't remember.

Horace said...

Oh, you flatter!

And yes, you missed out on the blue velvet blazer (worn with plaid bow tie no less)--I presented in that one on Friday...