Tuesday, January 16, 2007


One of the limitations of pseudonymous blogging is that you can't brag about things like publications (and at this stage of my career, I still feel the need to brag about even the most minor of publications). But I can say something about that paper? the one that I was moaning about less than two months ago? The one that got ripped apart in the workshop? The one that I revised and presented at MLA? Yeah, that one.

Well, serendipity as it is, while no one attending my panel was really actually interested in the issue (they were all personal friends and colleagues), the other panel on the same topic had a panelist who just happened to be editing an online journal that just happened putting out a special topics issue on the very topic of my paper, and just happened to be soliciting short articles.

Well, a few email exchanges later, some mutual flattery and viola! a publication. Online, of course, and short, but publicly consumable, and more than I had expected for this piece. Fate smiles once in a whle.


Flavia said...


(And of course you can still brag pseudonymously--don't I do it all the time?--It's just that no one will actually know what you're talking about. Which can work to your advantage, of course. As far as we out here in the internet are concerned, you could tell us that you're publishing a honkin' 50-page article in the premier journal in your field, and we'd be none the wiser.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, congrats! You're slowly climbing the ladder to international fame and fortune.

Could ya hook me up with any of that on the way?

--- trystero

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh, you can totally brag - it's just it doesn't do you any professional good! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

undine said...