Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medicine Head

When you describe your pedagogical style as "kinetic," the last thing you want is a lingering cold (well, I suppose you might want a lingering cold before, say, the bubonic plague, but you get my point). I have had sinus issues for the last week, and have contended with the following dilemma: Teach (and function generally) while clawing through the haze of decongestant and cough medicine? Or contend with the pounding sinus pressure of not medicating?

Today, I seem to have chosen the worst of both, having foregone decongestant in favor of just some cough suppressant. And so now my sinuses feel like they're going to burst out the front of my face, but I won't really notice all that much, because the cough suppressant has me so foggy that I don't notice anything until ten seconds later.

Fortunately, the 8:30 class may have written this off to the fact that it's early and yucky outside, but who knows?

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Tenured Radical said...


Twice a day chop up a raw garlic clove and swallow it with a glass of water. Make sure you have breath mints on hand for the rest of the day. It will really help.

So you will be kinetic and remind everyone of their elderly immigrant grandma. But your sinuses may improve dramatically in a day or so.

good luck,