Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowy Day

When we arrived home at 10:30, half an inch of snow had fallen in the last twenty minutes. It was a good sign.

Now, this place is capable of producing a great deal of snow, but last winter and this fall were both mild on that front, so my winter weather cred is somewhere between stay-in-under-the-covers and causes-competent-drivers-to-have-accidents (which I've never done to my knowledge).

But the fourish inches we got in our backyard today was the optimum opportunity to introduce the munchkins to the joys of playing the snow. They've seen the snow before, but the stars have never aligned that they really got to go out and play in it. Highlights of the day

Lunchtime was preceded by snowy day milk, an old treat of my childhood: warm milk with a tsp. of sugar and a dash of vanilla extract. Pictures were taken in front of the (gas) fireplace.

Good naps were taken. by everybody. This is a key detail, because of recent sleep problems that are starting to resolve...

Snacktime involved homemade chocolate cheesecake. yummy.

Afterwards, though, I bundled the kids up, bundled up myself, and out we went. We slid down the sliding board (fast). We made snow angels. I taught them how to make snowballs. I got to take them on their first ride down the hill in the backyard (on a jelly-roll pan, natch). They tackled me in the snow more than once.

These are the days that the fatherhood recruitment posters and videos (you know the ones...every ad that plays on the pathos of parenthood serves as one) show to lure in the non-committal parents. The ones that suggest that parenthood (yes, even of toddlers) is a great deal of fun, and not also punctuated by long stretches of terrible boredom, battles of will, and more bodily fluids than we care to name. I got to teach my kids how to play in the snow. How great is that?

At bedtime, while reviewing the day with me, Rambunctious cited tackling me in the snow as the best part of his day. Mine too, kiddo.


Scrivener said...

Sounds like pretty close to a perfect day.

Horace said...

Yeah, it was pretty great, I must say.