Sunday, January 14, 2007

Serenity Now!

Last night I went to my first actual Festivus party. For those of you who don't know of Festivus, it is the alternative holiday imagined by Seinfeld characters the Costanzas, where family members gather around the festivus pole, air grievances, and perform feats of strength. Som eone always ends up in tears.

But not so last night. Sadly, the pole was outdoors, and because of icky weather, there was no gathering around it, but there was an (anonymous) airing of grievances (against other drivers, 8 am classes, Geroge Bush, and--playfully--each other), and feats of strength from "Dance,Dance Revolution" and "Guitar Hero" tournaments, yo mama jokes, a staring contest, thumb wars, and the popular "holding stuff," which involved holding a can of food between thumb and pinky while holding your arm parallel to the ground. I was the first out of the holding stuff extravaganza (I am morally opposed to inflicting voluntary pain on myself), but was a semifinalist in the dozens, and won the thumb war tournament (having double jointed thumbs is helpful there).

Anyway, having spent the entire previous 14 hours with toddlers (more on that later, an evening out with grown-up (albeit ones acting often like kids) was a nice change.

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Flavia said...

That sounds absolutely delightful. (I particularly love the idea of the dozens as a feat of strength.)