Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Bit of Good News

Those currently or recently on the job market almost certainly know that however common it was or wasn't in some mythical golden age, the pre-tenure sabbatical is an uncommon beast indeed. On every on-campus interview I went on, questions about pre-tenure leave was met with a rueful, but dismissive, "no." BRU was no different. Sabbatical came at 7-year intervals and no sooner.

So imagine my surprise when our department announced today that starting next year (when I become eligible) pre-tenure faculty are eligible for a two-course release, which on a 3/2 effectively translates to a one-semester leave. Now, because I owe the deparment a course because of London Tour's cancellation this year, I will have to teach it next spring, but that's it: a spring with a once-a-week course and a trip to London in the middle. Score!


Sisyphus said...

Whoo-hoo! So you do get to go to England this year!?!? Hooray!

undine said...

Score indeed! That trip to London would be worth it all in itself.