Friday, February 08, 2008

Settin' 'em up, Knockin' 'em down

The comparative lightness of this teaching semester--the familiar survey, and the intimately familiar grad class--has meant that I've pretty consistently been able to carve out time for writing, editing and revising. In the last week, I've finished edits on one essay and sent it out, made revisions to my own essay for the collection, and completed edits on two other contributions to the collection. The collection still has a few more substantive tasks involved (2 more essays to edit, the introduction to finish, and another co-authored essay to revise), and I've got this plenary talk to draft up (did I mention that I'd been asked to do a plenary?), but the light is at the end of the tunnel for the book project, which is a) related to the plenary, and b) already open in various documents on my desktop.

Next week, I hope to get a jump on the remaining pieces to edit, and start outlining the plenary, so there's definitely more to do, but I feel on a bit of a roll right now, to be sure.

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