Friday, February 29, 2008

More Good News

While I have been quiet on the issue of my Mom's health, at this point I feel comfortable divulging a bit without giving too many specifics. For a range of variously mysterious reasons, she's been in hospital for most of February. A few things were starting to make sense, but nothing remotely comprehensive.

Last August, when her health issues ramped up some, my father had asked the GI specialist about the possibility of exploratory surgery, to which the response was "We don't do that anymore." Well, today, working on a hunch that frankly my mother wasn't particularly optimistic about, the local surgeon did a laproscopy that revealed three different major anomalies, at least two of which were almost certainly major sources of her symptoms.

While I guess we'll need to see how recovery goes, the odds seem good that not only were a few major issues identified, but that they were remedied during surgery. I'm just beginning to process what that may mean even as I post this, but the short answer is that it's positive news, maybe transformatively positive news.


Dr. Virago said...

Oh wow, that is good news! Keeping you in my thoughts!

natalie said...

Glad to hear that there may be some good developments here. We've been thinking about y'all.