Sunday, November 26, 2006

After the Break

This has been, especially on specific days, a very busy semester. I had been looking forward to this past week for a good long time, if only because it meant that I'd get a bit a of a chance to catch up. Our week-long Thanksgiving break has been relaxing enough, though occasionally stressful, but now I find myself looking over what comes in the next three weeks. It ain't pretty.
  • Read the five 25-plus-page PhD Qualifying exams that are being submitted tomorrow.
  • Revise the MLA conference paper by Friday, based on great feedback from Dr. Crazy (thanks!) and the feedback forthcoming tomorrow from the writing group.
  • Read and comment on the 25-plus versions of 5-7 page student papers coming from my survey class on Monday.
  • Finish reading the job candidate applications for the search committee (I've got about ten left to read, with writing samples).
  • Read and comment on the eight 20-plus-page seminar papers due from my grad class on the 13th.
  • Grade the final exams from the undergraduate class.
  • Finish reading the book I'm reviewing, and write up the book review for it.
I know, I know, cry you a river...this is only a two-course load, and all you out there with four-course loads must think I'm a total whiner. OK, so I'm a total whiner. But whining is sooooo fun!

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