Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A New Idea

OK, so I've got these articles out, being read and edited and published.

And I've got this collection that has me working with authors, and thinking about the introduction, and considering the revisions I want to make to my own article.

And I've got this dissertation that is just dying to be revised into a book while the critical iron is still hot (three collections have come out since I defended that all touch on my area, but none of which makes any kind of coherent book-length argument, or treats my subject matter as a discrete topic, so I need to get to it while the gettin' is good).

And I've got this job, which has me teaching and grading and meeting and conferencing.

And I've got these two other book ideas just simmering, slowly on the back burner.

So why, today, on my busiest day of the week, when I'm scrambling to work on all of these tasks virtually simultaneously, do I get an idea for a new book? One that will require a whole new type of research than I'm used to doing, and which may not even quite be in my "discipline" and which I am at the moment extremely excited about...GAH! Not enough time!

But...I suppose it beats the alternative, not having any ideas.

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