Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How Worried Should I Be?

So, you know how I'm taking 11 undergrads to London? In 10 days?

Should I be worried that my passport hasn't arrived?

Even though I did the forms, like, 9 weeks ago?

Uggh. Just what I need.

[ETA: The student who submitted hers on the same day just got hers yesterday. I suspect this should make me relieved, that mine is coming any day, but for some reason it makes me more nervous--that homeland security has flagged me for, you know, being a liberal or something].


Nels said...

I think you can call or or something and find out where it is in the process.

When we got ours in 2004, mine took longer than Da Man's. Da Man said it was because I donated to Dean and that put me on a list.

Horace said...

The online tracker just told me it was due on or about Monday 3/19, so while it's cutting it a little close, everything should be fine.