Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Promise of Posts

I only have 15 minutes of internet time left, so I can only offer a very short post, to promise future posts, some of which may or may not ever get written, so tell me which ones you want to see for sure.

  • The Tower of London and the Portrait Gallery, primarily with Nick, my burgeoning radical
  • Equus and Harry Potter's bum
  • The Theatre Museum and the walking tour of Bloomsbury
  • Willow's story
  • The sick kids (notmuch to post, except that they are home sick with Willow, and I miss them all)
  • My shoes and my poor, poor feet
  • On traveling with 11 people a decade younger
That'll have to do for now, but I promise pics and posts galore when I return!


Dr. Crazy said...

I really need to know about Equus and Harry Potter's bum. I think everybody does.

I'm also intrigued to learn more about Nick the Burgeoning Radical and about what it's like to travel with your students.

But really, if you can only do one, it's got to be about the Potter and his play.

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Seconding the request for a close analysis of Harry Potter's bum.

Although, since I'll be in the same situation of traveling with students this summer, I'd love to hear your comments on the last point as well.

natalie said...

Harry Potter's bum! Harry Potter's bum!

And also Willow's story, please!

Vausey said...

Another vote for Equus (and Harry Potter's bum). But I am also curious about the current condition of the Theatre Museum. Hopefully they have revamped the diplays. Last time I was there many displays had stagings and materials that were ageing and in some cases, simply falling apart.

Sisyphus said...

What? You're doing a close reading of Harry Potter's bum? Well, count me in! And please include any further student pranks/eccentricities as well.