Friday, March 30, 2007

More Post Promises

Since my last (almost) post, I've:
  • Seen three shows, including the most exciting theatrical experience I've had as an academic, Martin Crimp's Attempts on her Life at the National. Also the meretricious and homophobic History Boys, and a gorgeous, if overacted, production of Coriolanus.
  • Seen Westminster Abbey, site of some conflicted spiritual searching, alongside the accumulation of some cultural capital.
  • Been to Stratford on Avon, home of more cultural capital and less spiritual conflict,
  • Toured both the reconstructed Globe and the National Theatre.
  • Guided students through the magnificent Tate Modern.
  • Gotten to exercise an almost constant but casual pedagogy that has been, in some cases, the most effective teaching I've been able to do at this university.
  • Not slept enough ior eaten particularly well, the latter of which I must go do now.
I promise to post about several of these when I return along with posts about Harry bum, Willow's story (accepted in a small journal which has also published Jo(e)--her first acceptance since returning to writing full-time), and the intriguing animal of traveling with students, which I believe I am doing in some ways extraordinarily well and also extraordinarily badly. more on all that later.

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Sisyphus said...

Sounds so fun! The Tate! Oooh, I drool.

Hope the rest of your trip finishes up as nicely as the first part.