Sunday, March 25, 2007


In all of the talk of the capacity of college students to do high level work in the classroom, I sometimes forget about college students being, well, everything that college students are. Like, for example, the sorts who like to play small practical jokes on their professor, like taking photos of him asleep while on a very uncomfortable transatlantic flight. To my knowledge the shot was never taken, but there was some debate as to whether it should be.

At any rate, after lots of time in zero time and zero space, we've landed in London, and out little townhouse hotel now houses 11 giddy American students and their exhausted professor. I may stop by this here internet cafe to post occasionally as things happen, but if not, you know where I am. Tonight fish and chips, and an early bedtime. Tomorrow, the Tower, some free time, and Equus. The excitement is palpable. Some of it is even mine.


Sisyphus said...

Whoo-hoo, he's there! And blogging! How's the weather? Be sure to take some pictures for us! And get curry somewhere good --- London has good Indian food but beware their breakfasts (English breakfasts, that is) as they are scary and use bizarre accoutrements like toast racks and kippers.

If no live-action updates, at least be sure to give all the details later!

Nels said...

Funny, our first full day in London was when we went to the Tower, too! Take a look across the river at the funny egg-shaped building. That's city hall!